Dear Clients, Consultants, and Colleagues,


LDA is monitoring the COVID-19 virus very carefully and complying with the advice of the Federal, State, and Local authorities regarding workplace health and safety.  We are committed to the health and safety of our staff, their families, and any of our guests visiting our firm.  Our business continuity plan ensures that we maintain the health and safety of our team while delivering superior service to our clients.  With that said, we are taking the following precautions and steps to mitigate the spread of this infectious disease effective immediately:


Employees may be working remotely: We have instructed our team that they may either voluntarily or in some instances be required to work remotely for a period of time.  Working remotely will ensure we are dedicated to delivering our services while balancing the health and safety of the firm.  Calls to direct office extensions will be forwarded to the staff member’s personal mobile device.  Emails will be responded to as normal.


Meetings hosted at our office: Until further notice, meetings in our office will be suspended.  Instead, we will conduct meetings remotely by either web-based meetings or teleconferences.


Meetings held outside our office:  Work-related travel is being minimized to only essential site meetings that cannot easily be replaced by a conference call or screen sharing meeting.  We are encouraging limited attendance by our team for meetings held outside the office.  This includes meetings with clients, consultants, contractors, or public agencies.  Airline travel for work purposes is being temporarily suspended.


We appreciate your understanding as we navigate these complicated times.  We do not foresee any project delays as a result of these policy changes.  As always, we remain available by phone or email.  Thank you for your understanding as we all are enduring this challenge together!


LDA Architects

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