​LDA architects, previously Lowenstein Durante Architects, is an award-winning architectural firm founded in 1995. We are proud of our solid reputation with numerous clients for superior service, quality design and technical skill. Located in The Offices at the historic Agora in Midtown Cleveland, Ohio, LDA has a staff of over 20 professionals, including architects, interior designers, historic preservation specialists and landscape designers.

LDA architects is a diversified fast-paced, design-oriented architectural firm specializing in urban redevelopment, residential, small commercial, adaptive reuse, and renovation, and preservation of historic structures. LDA seeks talented and self-motivated individuals for key architectural positions as architectural designers or registered architects. 

Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and has an even greater variety of skills, specializations, accreditation, and interests. No member of the team works on just one task. LDA ensures that each person sees an array of jobs. From marketing to construction administration, or from schematic design to being a project manager, we push our firm to be well-rounded and knowledgeable in design, as well as experienced in architectural practice.