Electric Gardens
Cleveland, Ohio
Client: J Roc Development


LDA is the AOR on the Electric Gardens project. The electric gardens project site serves as an edge to the Tremont Neighborhood with a primary frontage to the new bicycle and pedestrian path as well as the industrial valley beyond. To manage the building’s commercial scale, the design seeks to reinterpret the scale and texture of the industrial valley into a scaled architectural language of alternating solids and voids while retaining an appropriately elemental iconography.

The primary east and west facades are formed by alternating panels of rusting corrugated steel and recessed voids of glass and solid panel. The alternating nature of panels gives the long facade a dynamic rhythm rooted in functionality.


At the north and south faces of the building the scale changes to a cellular grid of openings, with the north elevation at the Literary frontage breaking down further by cascading down to just above the street in a series of public and private terraces.