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Architecture is our history. Architecture brings people together. Architecture is our legacy. At LDA architects, we blend your vision with our expertise in the rehabilitation and reuse of historic properties. Each of our historic projects is unique, and we are committed to make your historic project a success.


With a combined thirty-five years of experience amongst our Historic Preservation Specialists, we offer a multitude of comprehensive historic preservation services to fit your project’s needs. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Historic Preservation Specialists will guide you and your team throughout the Federal and State Historic Tax Credit process, which can be coupled with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) as well as other tax incentives and funding sources.


We offer a wide array of architectural services and seamlessly integrate our historic preservation work with our Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Design departments. Together we will ensure project compliance from conceptualization to completion. Our proven track record of integrating architectural services in-house will save your project time and money.


LDA architects have been a trusted frontrunner in historic preservation and adaptive reuse for over 25 years. We are serving clients throughout Ohio and beyond and we are looking forward to working with you.


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