Historic Preservation

Architecture is our history. Architecture brings people together. Architecture is our legacy.


At LDA architects, we blend your vision with our expertise in the rehabilitation and reuse of historic properties. Each of our historic projects is unique, and we are committed to make your historic project a success.


With a combined thirty-five years of experience amongst our Historic Preservation Specialists, we offer a multitude of comprehensive historic preservation services to fit your project’s needs. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Historic Preservation Specialists will guide you and your team throughout the Federal and State Historic Tax Credit process, which can be coupled with Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) as well as other tax incentives and funding sources.


We offer a wide array of architectural services and seamlessly integrate our historic preservation work with our Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape Design departments. Together we will ensure project compliance from conceptualization to completion. Our proven track record of integrating architectural services in-house will save your project time and money.


LDA architects have been a trusted frontrunner in historic preservation and adaptive reuse for over 25 years. We are serving clients throughout Ohio and beyond and we are looking forward to working with you.

​Historic Preservation Services
Our firm specializes in:


  • National Register Nominations for Historic Districts & Individual Buildings 

LDA architects can guide you through the National Register of Historic Places process to ensure the successful designation of your historic building(s) or local district. Our Historic Preservation Specialists will conduct historic research, complete site visits, submit a preliminary questionnaire, and write a series of draft nominations in coordination with the State Historic Preservation Office.


  • Historic Tax Credit Consulting and Eligibility Studies

LDA architects will evaluate your historic project to determine its eligibility for Historic Tax Credits. We will prepare a preliminary building assessment to determine how you can best secure the necessary approvals for State and/or Federal Historic Tax Credits. We work closely with the State Historic Preservation Office and are informed of all policy changes. Our goal is to find the best approach to adaptive reuse that maximizes economic value for our clients and meets the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. We have a successful track record working with small and large-scale projects.


  • State and Federal Historic Tax Credit Applications

LDA architects will guide your project through the intricate State and Federal Tax Credit process. We are experts in preparing the necessary documentation for the Federal Historic Tax Credit Application (Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3), as well as any amendments required for National Park Service review and approval. Additionally, our team will compile and strategize with you on applications for State Historic Tax Credits. We will also monitor rehabilitation progress and advise team members throughout to ensure that projects get certified.


  • Grant Writing for Historic Preservation Funding

Grants are a key financial tool for the funding of historic preservation projects, including National Register nominations and historic rehabilitations. At LDA architects, we are invested in the financial success of your historic project and are prepared to research potential grant opportunities and complete grant applications for you.


  • Historic Design Consulting

LDA architect’s Historic Preservation Specialists will work with you to develop a historically appropriate design for your project. This may be an addition to your historic building, a compatible out-building to your existing structure or a new building to be located within an existing historic district. We will find a solution that complies with your historic district’s design guidelines or your city’s design review board requirements to ultimately create a project that fits your needs.


  • Historic and Adaptive Reuse Feasibility Study

There is a wide range of programs and policies that incentivize historic rehabilitations and/or the adaptive reuse of existing buildings. LDA architects will provide a feasibility study outlining eligible funding opportunities, potential new uses for your existing building, and an estimated construction cost to reuse the existing building compared to a similar new construction project.


  • Storefront Renovation Guidance

LDA architects will guide eligible property owners through their city’s Storefront Renovation program. As part of this service, we will develop a design that fits your needs and is sympathetic to the historic fabric of your existing building. Additionally, LDA will coordinate with the city on your behalf to guarantee compliance with local zoning ordinances and application processes. Depending on the locality, programs may offer financial assistance in the form of rebates, grants or low-interest loans to offset qualifying storefront renovation costs.


  • Design Concepts for Historic Main Street Programs

LDA architects will work with towns and cities which embrace the opportunities to re-design their historic downtowns. We will survey and inventory historic features in neighborhoods and collaborate with the community on design concepts that advocate for historic preservation and adaptive reuse. We will take a vital role in creating historic revitalization plans that bring your Main Street community’s social and economic goals to fruition.


  • Historic American Building Surveys (HABS)

To fulfill Section 106 or due diligence requirements, LDA architects can complete a Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) of your existing building. We will take field notes and measurements, prepare architectural drawings, and compile a final report.  Having had prior experience working at and with the National Park Service to produce HABS documents, our Historic Preservation Specialists are apprised to all HABS standards for project submission to the National Park Service Heritage Documentation Programs and the Library of Congress Archives.