LDA architects, previously Lowenstein Durante Architects, is an award-winning architectural firm founded in 1995. We are proud of our solid reputation with numerous clients for superior service, quality design and technical skill. Located in The Offices at the historic Agora in Midtown Cleveland, Ohio, LDA includes a staff of twenty, including four registered architects and one registered landscape architect.


LDA is Northeast Ohio’s emerging leader in urban redevelopment, multifamily residential, adaptive reuse, and the renovation, rehabilitation and preservation of historic structures. Founder Dominick Durante was determined in 1995 to create an organization that is young in spirit and intensity, but mature in judgment, experience and understanding. Our firm is dynamic and growing, blessed with talent and passion. We have a diverse client base offering intellectually challenging and satisfying work and mounting success in the arena of our marketplace.


LDA works from the belief that people respond positively to well-designed, beautiful environments. We are not interested in design trends or fashion. Rather we strive to produce design that will be timely but timeless as well. We see our work as a balancing act - we strive to enhance the functional with the aesthetic and to manage value while creating beauty.


The firm approaches design as an open, iterative process with the client integrally involved during all phases of the work. Our firm listens to each client’s needs and applies fresh thinking to each project attempting to respond, in each case, to the special character of the particular client, as well as the site, the context and the budget. Therefore it is difficult to characterize our work in terms of a style.


The work of LDA architects reflects a four-fold philosophy of design and client service:


  • We create well-designed, beautiful environments that fit their desired function, because it is these factors that resonate with the people who will inhabit the structures we create. We are not wedded to any particular style, but, rather, concentrate on cleverly articulating style to match the project’s aims. We are broad generalists who bring fresh, bold ideas to all projects, with each viewed and nurtured as a unique creation. Our designs are timely, but timeless; we are not slaves to, but students of, today’s design trends and fashion, just as we would study any period.


  • We excel at balancing function, aesthetic vision and cost. We manage value, while creating beauty and order, and it is a results-driven, harmonious balance that we seek to achieve. A special set of proprietary practices and tools enables us to do so.


  • We are particularly successful at partnerships on behalf of clients. We are skilled at identifying and sustaining excellent relationships with partners of all types in the name of bringing the best to our clients. We are well-connected and take pride in our terrific working relationships and communication skills.


  • We bring excitement and passion to client service. Enthusiasm and joy are hallmarks of our chemistry with clients. We get excited about clients’ projects and want to make their visions become reality. We are hands-on through the first year of occupancy to ensure the shared vision and goals are achieved.