We know that all businesses must manage uncertainty and risk to be successful. We help by designing facilities for maximum flexibility — for expandability, contractibility and convertibility — since change is one of the only certainties in business. We seek to meet our clients’ current and foreseeable needs, but design our projects to adapt to change as the nature of work, technology and workforce demographics continues to transform.


LDA architects listens to each client’s needs and applies fresh thinking to each project attempting to respond, in each case, to the special character of the particular client, as well as the site, the context and the budget. In our work, we serve both as a catalyst and the leader of a team effort in the hopes of achieving maximum participation from a wide array of sources. This process of participation insures that consensus is achieved among the members of the design team, the client, and other stakeholders.



When working with institutional and not-for-profit clients, we first seek to deeply understand each organization’s aspirations and work diligently to capture a shared vision for each project. We do this through intense collaboration and dialogue with the client as well as in-depth critical analysis of the site, the project budget and the program. Balancing these forces is LDA’s main goal: enhancing the functional with the aesthetic and managing value while creating beauty.


We know that, at one level, our institutional projects are about creating well-designed facilities while using land and physical resources as effectively as possible. At a deeper level, we know that institutional projects are about much more. We believe they should also be a catalyst: for institutional advancement, for institutional pride and for promoting the mission of the organization.


​​We endeavor to create better and stronger communities and we know that high-quality housing is a key component in doing so. Through our multifamily housing work, focused primarily in urban and first tier suburban neighborhoods, we are creating green, healthy, delightful places for people to live. Higher density multifamily housing projects afford us the opportunity to position buildings sensitively together to create great streets and public spaces — enlivening the public realm.


LDA architects significant multifamily housing experience allows us to design each project for the right households — not always easy but a critical task. We understand the importance of establishing the right mix of target households or buyers from the outset. We also strive to make each Project fit into the immediate neighborhood context so the density, the scale, the architectural materials and the style are compatible with the adjacent housing stock. The better the project fits into the neighborhood context, the more accepting neighbors will be of that project.


To us, a house is much more than wood, bricks or stone. We believe that the walls and the roof of each home we design not only enclose functional rooms, but also the families we design for along with their memories of the past and their aspirations for the future. No matter the economic background of the inhabitant, we imagine a home should offer comfort, security and an atmosphere to thrive and do our best in. This human side of our work is a responsibility we take seriously.


In creating private homes, LDA architects strives to enhance the homeowner’s lifestyle — we design to suit how our clients live. Our homes consistently meet their users’ needs while exceeding their expectations and they are built to last. Whether urban, suburban or rural, each house endeavors for a connection to the natural landscape. A house we design must enhance a neighborhood or a site making it a better place than had we not been there.


We consider it imperative to document the past through our buildings and vital to rescue and preserve the historic fabric of our cities and towns. It is our passion to transform distinguished, but tired, buildings of the past into vibrant new structures with efficient contemporary uses. In our judgment, it is smart to protect the historic buildings in our communities — not only because they are beautiful to look at, but also they still possess utility and they serve to give our communities a sense of themselves and their place in history. Adaptive reuse, renovation and historic preservation represent a core expertise of LDA architects. We have been recognized by many prominent organizations that have selected our firm to lead innovative assignments in the field. We attempt to maximize retention of the often-remarkable interior and exterior features significant to each structure’s historic, architectural, and cultural value while adding new construction that complements the original historic character.

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