We use a variety of presentation techniques throughout our projects to describe our work, each appropriately suited for the phase and task. Autodesk Revit 3D modeling allows for accurate representations of form and materials, while providing the parametric foundation for detailed schematic and construction drawings. Lumion visualization provides beautiful and interactive views into the projects we design. These programs facilitate an efficient and effective process of design, from early schematic views to final drawing packages. LDA works in an open iterative process with the client and its partners involved each step of the way. LDA architects consistently assembles highly qualified teams of consultants that complement the project goals and offer a full-service collaborative design solution.


In all of our projects we take great care in creating interior environments that reflect the client’s goals and mission. We have completed interiors for new buildings and existing buildings. We often create interior architecture or preserve existing elements that can be exposed and give character to the space. Our goal is to create interiors that reflect the exterior, both in program and aesthetic, in order to make a fully cohesive design that appeals to those usin the space as well as those passing by the project.

The experience of a place doesn’t stop with the design of the structure. We offer full-service interior design services and are passionate about achieving our client’s goals to enhance the experience of those utilizing our spaces. Spaces should serve as an inspiration for life and activity, while simultaneously improving how the space is used. Our environments need to be flexible for today’s quickly change desires, goals, and activities. Our interior designs puts out clients’ and their users’ goals and dreams first.


For 24 years, LDA architects, Inc., has celebrated the historic built environment by designing, designating, and developing historic commercial and residential buildings. With a combined thirty-five years of experience and expertise amongst our Historic Preservation Department staff, we offer a multitude of in-house comprehensive historic preservation services to fit your project’s needs. Our Historic Preservation, Project Management, Architecture, Interior Design, and Landscape departments seamlessly work together to ensure the success of your historic project.


We are committed to creating places where people want to spend time — both inside and out — and are sustainable for generations. At LDA, we understand that our built environments effect more than just those that use our structures, and subsequently, create public spaces. Landscapes create effects of all scales, from the individual, to the community, and influence people’s perceptions of a place. Our aim is to create cheerful spatial experiences and a positive sense of place. Our work shouldn’t be limited to the structures we build, but should encompass the experience.

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