Waterloo Road Renovations

Cleveland, Ohio


Client: Northeast Shore Development Corporation


This project is located in the Historic Waterloo Arts District in Cleveland. The scope for this project called for the first floor to be converted into a new restaurant and the floor above to be refinished into a new 2 bedroom apartment unit. Layers of exterior siding were removed to bring back the original details and proportions of the building. A new storefront with signage was installed and coordinated with the local preservation group. The backyard was turned into an open grill and outdoor dining space. Work in this older building also included underpinning and rebuilding a basement wall, removing and pouring a new concrete floor at the first-floor kitchen,  re-framing portions of the second-floor living area, and installing all-new mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The renovation also followed and met all Enterprise Green Communities standards which included new insulation at all walls and ceilings, low flow plumbing fixtures, and energy efficient appliances and mechanical systems