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LDA Architects

As the building was historically recording studios, there was almost no daylight, therefore one of the first challenges was to create an office space that would be inviting and well lit.  In order to preserve the character of the acoustical walls in the main studio, only narrow windows were introduced in between the acoustic bellow features. The next step was to introduce skylights to reach the desired natural light levels. To maximize the daylight with a limited opening size, the sides of the skylights were flared out to allow the natural light to spread deeper into the rooms. At the same time the historical acoustical ceiling treatments were maintained. The exterior windows were designed to create a rhythm on the facade paying homage to the musical past of the building. The interior design includes elements that relate back to the acoustical walls with an arch design incorporating wood strips mimicking traditional acoustic treatments. Light fixtures that have an abstract microphone shape accent key common areas. 

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